World’s Most Abandoned

A Look at the World’s Most Abandoned and Forgotten Places

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Venturing into the world’s desolate sites can be a captivating experience. From isolated citadels and ghostly carnivals to desolate medical facilities and deserted quarries, these places possess a singular magnetism. Their untold narratives and spooky air incite inquisitiveness and amazement.

Examining these areas often necessitates thorough preparation and organization, as many of them are unsafe and barred. Investigating the world’s deserted sites is an incredible way to reveal concealed stories, gain insight into the past, and acknowledge the splendor of decay. It’s likewise an extraordinary journey you won’t soon overlook.

1. Corse, France And Elba, Italy

Corse, France And Elba, Italy
Corse, France And Elba, Italy

If you are searching for a special journey that can only be had in one destination, then the ‘Island of Extremities’ is the place for you. It is 8700 km2 and is situated in the Ligurian Sea, part of France. It is popularly known for the fact that the renowned warrior, Bonaparte Napoleon, was born there. Tourists can expect to find wild gorges, officers located on a high of 2000 m, dark green rock baths, clear mountain brooks, secret mountain lakes, blue waters and snow-white sand.