Dog Breeds

100 Fantastic Dog Breeds You Never Heard Of !

Have you ever seen an Icelandic Sheepdog or Cane Corso at your local dog park? You will see 100 unique dog breeds from across the world in this blog post.

You’re about to fall in love with these 100 dogs, but don’t get too attached just yet—you may not be able to find one of your own to take home! Although some have been around for thousands of years, others have only appeared recently. Whether you’ve known them for thousands of years or just a little, you may be surprised that you never heard of them until now.

Fantastic Dog Breeds

1) Bolognese


We’re not talking about the Bolognese’s Italian meat-based sauce—even though it was developed in Bologna, Italy. This lapdog is known as the Bolo, and it adores a low-key, leisurely lifestyle. Pet parents do not need to provide too much exercise with this pet. A walk or low-energy game is all this devoted and affectionate dog requires. The mop head look can be achieved with a shorter cut, but regular grooming is required. The waves of fluff don’t shed much at all, but regular grooming is a must for the full-length cut.