Essential Fashion Tips to Dress For Your Body Type

Best Style Guide For Women – 5 Essential Fashion Tips To Dress For Your Body Type

What Is A Body Type?

Body types are an encompassing way of classifying individuals. If someone classifies as pear or hourglass, that doesn’t imply they are overweight; it simply indicates the shape of their body. Physically speaking, a person’s physical characteristics such as bone structure, weight and fat accumulation determine their body type.

People with more pear-shaped bodies tend to be smaller around the middle with smaller shoulders and upper arms, while people who have apple-shaped bodies typically have larger middles with wider shoulders and arms. Understanding your body type is an integral component of dressing yourself correctly – choosing clothing inappropriate to your shape could worsen its look while choosing styles which flatter it can look amazing regardless.

Essential Fashion Tips
Essential Fashion Tips

1)Pear Body Type

If you possess a pear body type, chances are that you have a smaller frame with smaller waist and hip measurements, smaller shoulders and upper arms, and legs that are proportioned smaller than normal. One key thing to keep in mind with a pear shape body type is drawing attention away from its upper body by wearing clothes which shift focus away from its legs and hips and towards its upper part.

Wearing clothing that emphasizes your lower half is not recommended when trying to create the illusion of being larger than it actually is. For a pear body type, try to wear clothes which draw attention away from it towards your upper body such as V-neck tops, cardigans, blazers or jumpers with looser fitting waist and hip areas such as jumpers, jackets or coats.

Essential Fashion Tips

Essential Fashion Tips

2)Apple Body Type

Apple body types feature larger frames with wider waists and hips, larger shoulders and arms, and proportionately wider legs. One key consideration with an apple body type is to draw attention away from your upper half and towards your lower half for optimal results.

An apple shape should be highlighted through clothing that draws attention away from its torso, shoulders and upper arms towards its hips and legs – such as pencil skirts, A-line skirts and flared jeans. Tight-fitting clothing or garments too fitted around waist or hip areas such as bodycon dresses or tops with fitted waists as well as any garment with frills or ruffles around hips should be avoided as much as possible.